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Llama Stamp by Pascua-Tanya

Pt Commission: Open by sparkling-dreamz Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke


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-Simple Stamp 10
-Animated Stamp 15
-Special Occasions-20

These are the rules of order:

:bulletgreen: Discuss this Journal with the details of your Stamp. Say if they want static or animated (see the animation of the Llama Stamp)

:bulletgreen: Link Stamp in my gallery will be sent to you and must pay the points that are ordered according to their preferences (See price list above)


:bulletgreen:Custom Skins
.Simple Color or Gradient 5-10 :points:
-Transformers 15 :points:
-Dragon Ball 10-15 :points:
-Other series :10-15 :points:
-Hearts and San Valentin15 :points:
-Friendship Day-20 :points:
-Festival 20 :points:
-Halloween 20 :points:
-Christmas 20 :points:
-Birthday 20 :points:
-Animal 15 :points:
-Music 15 :points:
-Fantasy 20 :points:
-Lines and boxes 10 :points:
-Other 10-20 :points:

-This allowed them to choose the colors you would like to have their skins.
-If you want have any other Custom Background , tell me and I will add them to the list

:bulletyellow: Journal Skins

-Simple Designs 25 :points:
-Transformers 25 :points:
-Dragon Ball 35 :points:
-Other series :30-35 :points:
-Hearts and Valentine's Day 50 :points:
-Friendship Day-50 :points:
-Festival 40 :points:
-Halloween 50 :points:
-Christmas 50 :points:
-Birthday 40 :points:
-Animal 35 :points:
-Music 35 :points:
-Fantasy 30 :points:
-Another 30 :points:

'This allowed them to choose the type of design you want in your Journal. how want their pictures, letters, etc..
-You Will receive the CSS of the new Skin by a note.
- I'm new in the Journal Skins so you do not get something of quality as do the experts, but this time I have familiarized myself well with the CSS and could give an acceptable design



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Community Week

Any account on any page whether it be deviantART or an external website is subject to being invaded by hackers. On DeviantART this is very common and usually happens because of the following:

  • Your account is not protected by a good password.
  • You revealed your personal data, and/or any other data related to the access of your account.
  • Because of the many traps that hackers place in various parts of the site in our reach, seeking to steal the login details to our account.

But do not panic. I will show you the many ways to avoid this, and protect yourself from hackers and other unwanted malware. If you are interested in this information, I invite you to read my instructions below.

To better protect your account

Bullet; Orange To better protect you account you must use passwords that are difficult to decipher but you can remember easily. The most secure passwords are those that combine numbers, letters and symbols. The password option on dA has a bar that measures the password security that you want to use. The aim is to combine different characters that prevent anyone from accessing your account easily. Otherwise, if the password is not very good, a hacker will not have many problems to decipher and enter your account, pretending to be you with your watchers.

Bullet; Orange Change your password regularly and follow the recommendations above.

Pass by Pascua-Tanya

Bullet; Orange Never put personal information in your profile that can be linked with your account information, such as your e-mail. Remember that a dA account can be accessed using your username but also by using your email. Your dA profile is visible to everyone, even to those who are not members. The same applies if you have accounts on other websites. Never display personal details publicly.

Bullet; Orange Do not give your account details to people that you do not completely trust. You never know who might take advantage of that information.

Bullet; Orange If you receive a suspicious link, do not open it immediately. First, hover your mouse on the link and the complete address will appear at the bottom of your browser if you use Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome. If you use Internet Explorer you must click on the link with the right mouse button and then click "Properties". The window that appears will show the full address of the page. By doing this you will not need to open the link without knowing what it is. This is important because the link could be a virus that attacks automatically once the link is opened. In other cases it may be an unsuitable external advertising page, in which case you should assume it is spam and ignore it.

Bullet; Orange There are cases in which hackers create a fake DeviantART account in order to get other users' account information. If you are logged into a DeviantART account and you receive a suspicious link that takes you out of DeviantART and suddenly returns to it, making it appear that you are not logged in, please do not put your data there and/or try to log into that page. It is the fake DeviantART created by hackers. If it is a DeviantART site that promises to give you points, you should not put your data there either. It is a fake page created by hackers to obtain your account information, and steal the points you have.

The key to identifying the fake DeviantART website is by looking at its web address. The real DeviantART address is:

You can see that there is nothing between "deviantart" and "com", just a period. But if you find something has been added between those, that means the website is fake. -> Example of a fake DeviantART website.

If you already know you have logged into your account and upon entering DeviantART you seem to be logged out, you should not try to log in there as it is a Phishing page, ie, it is a fake page that imitates the real one to try and steal your data.

Note: If you are logged into your account and while browsing DeviantART you suddenly see a box asking you to log in, do not enter your data there, as it is fake, and a hacker is trying to get your information to access your account.
This is not very common, but it is important to look out for.

Bullet; Orange Beware of accounts that give points to users. I know most of them do it for a good cause, but you never know if any of these accounts might have a link to a page used to steal points from users. Before asking for points in a points account, you must read and revise its rules to ensure you that there is nothing wrong with it. If everything is in order you can order your points smoothly.

Bullet; Orange If when visiting a deviants' profile page your browser gives you notice of a possible virus on that page, it is because that user, perhaps unknowingly, has an image or link that is linked to a page with virus on their profile. In such cases you must leave that profile and not re-enter it. If it is a friend, try to contact them without using your profile, you can do so by sending a private note.

Bullet; Orange If you can, report spammers and potential hackers to DeviantART staff. They will be able to help you in whatever you need. You can make the report through the Help Desk. You must select the "spamming report" category and explain the situation. Provide all the information you have on this person, including comments where they left advertising pages or anything else that falls under the "spam" definition.

Bullet; Orange If you suspect that someone has hacked your account,  contact the DeviantART staff via the following email address:

Potentially dangerous websites

Bullet; Orange  Not all websites are safe so you should be careful before you enter a page. Some browsers such as Google Chrome include a detector to potentially dangerous pages. If you try to enter any page that the browser considers as not secure, it will give you a notice that says that page may contain viruses, and it recommends you not enter.

There are several criteria to determine if the pages that you are trying to visit are secure. For example, if the page has https:// (and a padlock in front) it is safe, because the "s" stands for "Security". If you have the classic extension http://, it is a normal website which has no indication that it is safe. Although there are http pages that are safe, there may also be pages that contain viruses. is an http page, this being the reason why hackers can access your database and use that information to create the fake server (as explained above). Is a page with https extension, it has the padlock next to the address., is also a site with the https extension.

Bullet; Orange Antivirus software also has the ability to detect a virus when you are trying to enter a web. For example, Avast antivirus blocks access to that site and tells you what kind of virus exists within it. On the official website of your antivirus you can find information about how to provide complete protection to your computer.

What to do in your Email Address

Bullet; Orange Hackers often create email addresses that appear to belong to DeviantART when in fact they do not. The official mailing address for DeviantART will always have the suffix "". Example: If you receive an email from DeviantART that has another suffix such as gmail, hotmail or yahoo you should not do what they ask because it is an address made ​​by hackers. No administrator or volunteer of DeviantART will ask for your data or access to your account as this is private user information. DeviantART never will ask you information to confirm your subscription as it is received automatically when you pay. The same also applies if you receive one as gift.

Bullet; Orange The same applies if you receive suspicious messages from other web sites that request your personal information. No website would do that unless you request it, for example to reclaim your account on that page in case you lost it. There are false messages, for example of Google or other pages where you are not registered, that ask you for the details of your credit card. Other pages that appear to be from your bank asking you for your bank account information. And even banks where you do not have an account. Your bank will NEVER ask you for the details of your bank account via email.

Bullet; Orange You should also be wary of strange emails you receive from people you do not know. You should not open these emails. Some come with a virus that appears automatically when you open the message. On other occasions when you open the message nothing happens but you should pay close attention to the content of the message. The majority have links from unknown websites. Never open these links as they may be sites with virus.

Bullet; Orange In some emails, for example Outlook (Hotmail), there is an option to not receive future messages from those strangers. In Outlook, select the message and click on "Sweep". In the next window select the "Delete all from Inbox and block future email" option and press the button "Sweep".

Bullet; Orange Beware of the chains that you receive in your email. You should never believe what they say. Nor should you send them to your friends as they may contain a virus. Besides being spam, these messages gather large amounts of email addresses from people who forwarded them. Most of these chains can be created by hackers and can go back to them with a great list of emails that they can hack and thus have access to our personal information. They can even get our contact list and send messages pretending to be us.

Bullet; Orange If you want to send an important message to your contacts, I would recommend not putting your entire contact list in the space of recipients. If you want to save time and send an email to several friends you can use the Bcc space. With this option you can send a copy of this message to your friends. Whoever receives one will see your email address, but will not know to who else you sent the message. This option is recommended as you help protect the privacy of all your contacts.

Bullet; Orange Also keep in mind that you should not give anyone access to data of your email address unless you really trust them. Change your password regularly and also try to combine different characters to protect your email.

More about Phishing:

What to do on your PC

Bullet; Orange Whatever your antivirus is you must verify each day that their protection is still active. If it is close to its expiration date, you need to update your antivirus as soon as possible. Never wait until the last minute because your computer is unprotected and is vulnerable.

Bullet; Orange Start an analysis of your PC regularly to check that you have not caught a virus while surfing the internet. If you find any virus use the options of your antivirus to remove it. For more information on this please see the official website of your antivirus.

Bullet; Orange CCleaner and TuneUp Utilities are good choices if you need a program to regularly clean your PC and its browsers.

Bullet; Orange Remember if you want to download a cleaner for your PC or update your antivirus, you should do it in trusted sites like the official pages of these programs or Softonic. If you find any download link in strange or unknown pages, you should not open them or download them. They may be some virus hidden and disguised as a known program.

Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet

These are all recommendations. If you know other important tips that deserve to be discussed in this article, please do not hesitate to tell me. I hope this material is very instructive and useful for everyone.

Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet



Bullet; Orange  
News to know: beware of phishing scams!-hq
Bullet; Orange
Bullet; Orange
Bullet; Orange Defiendete del PHISHING-noticias (Only Spanish. All information about of Phishing on dA and other sites, such as Outlook, comes from this tutorial.)


Bullet; Orange… (Image 1)

Bullet; Orange The Image 2 is a screenshot made ​​by me

Bullet; Orange… (Image 3)

Bullet; Orange… (Image 4)

Bullet; Orange… (Image 5)

Bullet; Orange… (Image 6)

Bullet; Orange… (Image 7)

Bullet; Orange… (Image 8)

Bullet; Orange…

Bullet; Orange…

Delicious Bookmarks

Tue Nov 4, 2014, 9:30 AM by Pascua-Tanya:iconpascua-tanya:

Community Week

Delicious Bookmarks Widget on DeviantART


Throughout our stay on deviantART we've learned most of the basic functions and features. We know how to either give a more attractive look to our profile or how to get more involved in the community. However, there are certain characteristics that are not well known among users, one of which is the widget "Delicious Bookmarks", exclusive for users with a Premium Membership. This article aims to teach DeviantART users how to properly use options offered by Delicious for adding bookmarks, and how to use the widget "Delicious Bookmarks" on deviantART.

What is Delicious?

Before explaining how to use this widget it is necessary to answer the question: What is Delicious ? Delicious is a social site of bookmarks that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source. It allows us to store our favorite websites and share them with other people.

The widget "Delicious Bookmarks" is linked to Delicious and allows these markers, previously added in "Delicious", to be viewable on deviantART, and offer preferred rich content to visitors of the user's profile that is using the widget.

You can add this widget to your profile from the edit mode of "Edit Page". The widget can be placed in the "Personal Zone" or "Misc.Zone" of your profile. But there are two requirements to use this module:

-You need to have an account on, but do not worry, I will teach you how to create the account and start adding markers.

-You need to have a Premium Membership on DeviantART.

Creating and Editing Delicious

1-Create an Account: If you do not already have a Delicious account, you can create one here:

When you enter the site you must click "Join Delicious." The page lets you create your own account through your Facebook, your Twitter, your Google account or your email address. If, for example, you want to register your account with Twitter the page will ask you to log onto your Twitter account. Then, in any of these four cases, a form will appear where you must type in your basic information. After creating the account you can start making basic edits such as adding an avatar, completing information, etc.

2-Add Bookmarks (Favorite Websites):

The next thing you should do is start adding your favorite websites as bookmarks in your account. To do this you must click on "Add Link" in the sidebar of your account options. Then a window will appear where you enter the link of the page that you want to save. Finally, click "Add Link".

(The link used by me: The Community Relations TeamThe Community Relations Team is made up of Community Volunteers who liaise with Director of Community Relations Moonbeam13
Community Volunteers help the community out by providing you – the community – with a specific contact point in relation to galleries, chat and forums. You’ll find them doing the following:
Helping run community challenges and educational projectsSupporting community eventsHelping moderate forumsBeing part of the #help teamBeing part of the team that moderate #devart and other official chatroomsLiaising with Moonbeam13 and fourteenthstar on community mattersBringing rockstar deviants to your attention via features, articles and Daily Deviations
Please read :faq85: before applying for a Community Volunteer positionNote that you must be 18 years of age or older to qualifyPlease do NOT send notes
Apply Now
This is a listing of our current open Community Volunteer positi

By clicking "Add Link" another window appears to save information about the page. The form looks like this:

Blue Square Bullet Title: The title for the link. The page gives you the title automatically.

Blue Square Bullet Tags: Keywords related with the link. The tags must be separated by commas. You can add the tags you want. There are times when the system suggests tags according to some pages, for example Facebook.

Blue Square Bullet Comment: Write something about aggregate site. The system gives you a limit of 1000 characters.

There is also a "Public" option, which means that your bookmark is publicly visible. If you want your bookmark to be private you only need to click on "Public" and change to "Private".

When finished you must click on "Save Link". Your bookmark will be saved and will appear in your bookmarks list (the main section of your account).

By placing the pointer over the marker you can see three options:

Blue Square Bullet Shared: To share your bookmark on Facebook, Twitter, Google and another page where you have an account, according to the list you see on this option.

Blue Square Bullet Edit: To edit the aggregate information in the bookmark.

Blue Square Bullet Delete: To delete a bookmark.

You can add more bookmarks as you want using the "Add Link" option.

3-Editing the widget

Now that you know about Delicious, you have your own account and you added markers, it is time to use the "Delicious Bookmarks" widget. Once the widget is added in your profile, you must press the pencil button in the corner of it to open the widget editing mode:

Blue Square Bullet Delicious Username: Here you must put the user name of your account on Delicious.

Blue Square Bullet Tags: In the same way you can use tags in Delicious, you can also use tags here. This is very useful for showing specific markers. For example, if you have markers like Facebook and you use a word related to "Facebook" as a tag, the widget will only show you Facebook markers. Using tags is optional. If you do not use tags the widget will show your bookmarks sorted from newest to oldest.

Blue Square Bullet Introduction: This is also optional. Here you can place text to appear in the top on your bookmarks. You can write whatever you want.

Blue Square Bullet Quantity: Here you must specify the number of markers to display in the widget. The maximum is 20 markers.

This is a preview of the widget after editing. You can see the list of bookmarks, each with links to their respective pages, your tags and description. Above them is the introductory text and under each one appears the link to your Delicious account.

Did you know

You can add DeviantART links and display them in the "Delicious Bookmarks" widget.

The procedure for adding deviantART markers is the same as adding any marker. Make sure to place tags to deviantART, as its name or some related term. When editing the "Delicious Bookmarks" widget, you must place in the "Tags" space some of the above tags as "deviantART". When you save the changes you can see only markers of deviantART, according to the selected number.

You can see it is a very useful tool because it can also display your favorite pages on deviantART, such as links to your favorite deviations and journals, including links of artist profiles you want to promote.


Now that you know enough about the topic I invite you to use this simple and interesting tool in your profile. Delicious Bookmarks is useful for:

-Sharing your favorite web pages, both DeviantART and external ones.

-Providing very useful information to the visitors of your profile.

-Sharing topics of interest and meeting new people by visiting the various websites.

Do not miss the opportunity to use this tool. Every time you discover something new and participate in it, you are more involved in the community.

Blue Square Bullet Blue Square Bullet Blue Square Bullet Blue Square Bullet Blue Square Bullet Blue Square Bullet Blue Square Bullet Blue Square Bullet


  • Widget Delicious Bookmarks by Pascua-Tanya- Widget Delicious Bookmarks Tutorial (Only Spanish)-This article is based on this tutorial. I wrote all information with my own words, after testing the operation of the widget and of the Delicious page.
  •… (Image 1)
  • All other images are screenshots taken by me

ArctosAnima Journal CSS-Commission by Pascua-Tanya
ArctosAnima Journal CSS-Commission
Skin Commission for ArctosAnima :iconarctosanima:


Star! To use the scroll copy the following code in your Journal Entry, or in the "Skin Footer" page editing Skins:

< div class="boxy">YOUR TEXT HERE<*/div>

(Remove the * and replace as indicated)


Huggles (Gift) by WolvesPoniesOhMyThe Balance of Love Thor x Skye [G ArctosAnima] by MamaELM…

More Journal Skins:


Journal Skin (c) Pascua-Tanya :iconpascua-tanya:



Mi nombre es Genesis pero todos me dicen Pascua o Tanya, aunque me gusta más que me digan Pascua porque ese fue mi primer apodo pero no importa si alguien me quiere decir Tanya o "Tany" :dummy:

Llevo aproximadamente 2 años en este maravilloso sitio y mis primeras amigas fueron :iconzoldierzoldier99: :iconstarshot-seeker: y :iconluzbeldestello: que me han apoyado e inspirado desde que comencé ^^. Starshot, mejor conocida como Naty me inspiro a mejorar mi forma de colorear. Si comparan mis dibujos de ahora con los de antes pueden ver muchas diferencias. Luzbel, mejor conocida como Luz o Andrea me inspiro a aprender a hacer Skins para journal algo que se ha convertido en uno de mis hobbies. De no ser por ella no habría sabido que hacer =D. Y :iconzoldierzoldier99: mejor conocida como Cody fue mi primera amiga aquí en dA y me alegra haberla encontrado. Nos conocimos en un foro de la serie Duelo Xiaolin. Somos muy buenas amigas y me ha apoyado cuando la necesito :dummy:

Poco a poco he conocido a más buenos amigos con los que puedo armar situaciones divertidas en nuestros comentarios con nuestros personajes favoritos. Por ejemplo mi amiga :iconsangheili13: que es fan de Majin Boo y Freddy Kruger. Estos dos se la pasan burlándose de Cell mi personaje favorito aunque también sucede al revés, quien es Cell quien se rie de Buu o ambos se unen para molestar a Hotshot y viceversa. Y no podemos faltar nosotras allí que tratamos de detenerlos cuando se ponen muy pesados o se pasan con sus bromas. Es realmente divertido armar este tipo de diálogos y convivir con los personajes :dummy:

Mis amigos
:iconartemisito: :iconnupao: :iconanimecartoon: :iconrusembell: :iconfanasy: :icondarkyd: :iconraajeyah: :iconez-d: :iconladydukemonx: :iconfuripa93: :iconbittersweetmew: :iconreiko666: :iconmariale18magic: :iconsangheili13: :icondolphin2: :iconglacierk: :iconzoldierzoldier99: :iconpalomaworld: :iconstarshot-seeker: :icontavata: :iconsasori-master: :iconluzbel-andrea: :iconkkini:

Mis Watchs y Mis Grupos
:iconagentepdesings: :iconkarambolera: :iconkamui: :iconalexandrasalas: :iconshake1it2up3: :iconl-05-t: :iconammi90: :iconjcipanonima: :iconsmashbros2008:

:iconcellfandomclub: :iconayu-da: :iconnoticias: :iconphineasferbworld: :iconthe-armada-club: :iconcomunidaddeviantart:

Mis Intereses

Peliculas: entre las peliculas que mas me gustan son las de Harry Potter, Narnia, Crepúsculo y de dibujos animados, me encantan demasiado las de dibujos animados y mi mama dice que deberia ver peliculas de grandes pero a mi me gustan las animadas y siempre me gustaran, ademas no entiendo porque las trae si no quiere que las vea .-., en fin esas son las peliculas que me gustan y de que tipo. También me gusto la de Transformers, mas la primera que la segunda.

Series: como ya sabran la de Transformers armada es una de mis favoritas, no se porque pero me gustan los transformers jajajaja y siempre me imagino situaciones que no estan en la serie como que Wheeljack vuelve a ser amigo de Hotshot y Autobot (algo que puse en mi fic), que starscream se volviera autobot (que tambien paso en mi fic jajaja), un pasado de Wheeljack inventado por mi, hasta me los imagino de humanos xD. tambien me gusta un poco Animated y el personaje que mas me gusta es Bumblebee, obviamente xD. otra de las series que me gusta es la de los Padrinos Mágicos (o como no gustarme? xD), me gusta todo lo que hacen y Cosmo siempre me hace reir con sus tonterias jajaja. tambien esta Phineas y Ferb, algunos deben de conocerla, me encantan estos chicos y todo lo que inventan y como Candace trata de hacerle ver a su mama todo lo que hace pero no puede jajajaja, tambien me gustan las aventuras de Perry, el es genial¡¡ xD. Tambien me gusta la nueva serie de Ben 10, la de los pinguinos de la pelicula Madagascar (me matan con todo lo que hacen xD y el Rey Julien siempre presumiendo ahi xD), y por ultimo esta Pokemon, esta serie me gusta demasiado y siempre me ando imaginando nuevos Pokemon, es que son tan geniales, y me encanto la primera película (bueno no se si es la primera xD), la de Mewtwo Contraataca. Oh sí y me olvida de Cell y Dragon Ball z. Aunque hace tiempo que no la veo sigue siendo una de mis series favoritas. Y Cell es mi villano favorito y a pesar de que es muy malo y cruel es super genial =D

Hobbies: pues me gusta mucho ver peliculas animadas como ya dije, la de Transformers y otras mas aunque a mi mama no le guste. Me gusta leer los libros de Harry Potter(que ya los he leido todos un monton de veces, es que son tan buenos xD) y tambien me encanta dibujar, siempre quiero andar haciendo dibujos y pintarlos pero a veces me abstengo para no gastar la caja de colores tan rápido (por cierto me compre la de 24 de Faber Castell, y dure como dos semanas en conseguirla .-.), es que me encanta demasiado dibujar a los transformers jajajajaja, y como no dibujarlos si son tan geniales pero siempre los hago cuando mi mama no esta para que no vaya a pensar que soy un poco infantil haciendo dibujos, pintarlos y mandarlos aqui, aunque creo que eso cambiara porque me quiere inscribir en un curso de dibujo, asi mejoro un poco mas mi forma de dibujar. Tambien me encanta estar aqui en la compu y metida en DA xD, o si no ando toda la tarde viendo la tv, lo puro que veo son comiquitas jajajajajaja. antes jugaba en el Wii pero me aburre porque solo tengo un juego que es el de mario bross de 4 jugadores y ya pase todos los niveles.

Música: pues me gusta mas la Changa, el Rock, el Metal y un poco el Reggeaton que no me atrae mucho pero el que mas me gusta es la changa, y creo que soy una de las pocas personas por donde yo vivo que le gusta ese genero porque actualmente se oye mas reggeaton que changa, claro que la changa es de antes y el reggeaton es lo mas nuevo y lo que a todo el mundo le gusta. Mis cantantes favoritos son Michael Jackson, Shakira, Juanes y Los Backstreet Boys.

My Portofolio:


De :iconsangheili13:

Delicious Bookmarks

My Favorites in Delicious =D

My Projects



I have decided to re-start the "Weekly Promotion" section of my Journal under the new name of "Fan Art World". In this section present deviations within the Fan Art category of any character, and in traditional style or digital, for more variety. My goal is to help others to his art becomes known on the site. And as we all love the Fan Art I thought it would be a great idea to promote Fan art.

:bulletpink: Fan Art World #1 (En/Es)

:bulletpink: Fan Art World-Rulers (En/Es)

:bulletpink: Fan Art World #2: Xiaolin Showdown

:bulletpink: Fan Art World #3: Dragon Ball Z

:bulletpink: Fan Art World #4: Danny Phantom

:bulletpink: Fan Art World #5: Phineas and Ferb

:bulletpink: Fan Art World #6: Mickey Mouse

:bulletpink: Fan Art World #7: Kingdom Hearts

:bulletpink: Fan Art World #8: Alice in Wonderland

:bulletpink: Fan Art World #9: Avatar The Last Airbender

:bulletpink: Fan Art World #10: Aladdin Disney

:bulletpink: Fan Art World #11: Wreck-It Ralph


Welcome to my new section "dA Bonus" on my Journal. In this section will be discussed topics about of dA, from the most basic until the most complex. This topics are: About of the dA Tools, tips about of how improve your experience on dA, updates of the site, and general topics of dA.

:bulletpink: dA Bonus V1: How Get dA Points

:bulletpink: dA Bonus V2-What is Community Relations

:bulletpink: dA Bonus V3: Contest Directory + Extra

:bulletpink: dA Bonus V4: Using PayPal on deviantART

:bulletpink: dA Bonus V5-dA Ranges #1: Membership

:bulletpink: dA Bonus V6-dA Ranges #2: Beta Testing

:bulletpink: dA Bonus V6-dA Ranges #3: Seniority

:bulletpink: dA Bonus V6-dA Ranges #4: Administration


:bulletpink: Official Groups Newsletters-June

:bulletpink: Official Groups Newsletter-July

:bulletpink: Official Groups Newsletter-July-August

Need Help?

Before you contact the Help Desk, make sure you read the FAQ as it will likely answer your question! You could also find relevant information in the Status Forum.

FAQ #264: Is there a description of the Help Desk contact categories?
FAQ #590: What are the hours of operation for the Help Desk?
FAQ #630: Are there any rules for the Help Desk?
FAQ #741: How are Help Desk responses sent to me? Can I have them e-mailed to me?


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Hola c:
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