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Interview with Doringota

Sun Mar 5, 2017, 6:00 AM by Pascua-Tanya:iconpascua-tanya:

Community Week

A Great Interview with



Traditional Artist on DeviantArt

Hallucinations by Doringota

*Hello Doringota, can you tell us a little about yourself and your beginnings in the world of the arts?

Hello, My name is Dorota, I'm 31 years old, and I live in little town in southern Poland. I'm a chemist, and I was working a few years in laboratory, but now I'm stay-at-home mom. I have a lot of passion, like: music, art, work in garden, read a books, and cooking. To be honest, now are my beginnings in the world of the arts. When I was a child an art was very interesting for me, and I draw really often. I gave up when I was in a middle school, then I decided to become a scientist. Two years ago I bought a sketchbook (it was a impulse). And I began draw. Now I try improve my skills, and maybe someday I'll could turn the passion into profession.

*Art has many meanings, one deeper than the other, depending on the person. What is the meaning of art for you?

For me art is the way for to wind down, to get rid of the excess of emotion (sometimes the bad feelings, but also the good ones) and organize my thoughts. Often I feel that in my mind is chaos, but a pencil and a piece of paper can help me to control it.

 Forever by Doringota

*It seems that watercolor is your favorite technique to use in your artworks. Do you have a particular relationship with it, why did you choose it?

Initially I created only the black-white illustrations, but I started to look the methods of coloring my drawings. I wondered whether to buy crayons, watercolors or markers. The choice fell on the paints... it was a random choice. But I think it's better to hit, I could not. The watercolor gives a lot of possibilities.. with one paint, you can achieve a lot of different effects. This is a technique that I'm still learning and every time it can surprise me.

Blue bird by Doringota

*The female portrait of face and half body
is the most abundant in your work, with fantastic elements and cheerful color in several of them. What called your attention on this subject?

I'm not sure why I like so much paint female portraits. I'm a woman so probably it's more natural for me to express emotions through female faces. I am a dreamer and I often imagine a fantastic story, it's reason why I smuggle elements of fantasy to my drawings, and I never plan what I'll draw... usually I'm frankly surprised the result of my work.

Blossom by Doringota Poludnica by Doringota Toadstools by Doringota

*Creating a piece of art on any medium, specially Traditional Art, entails an amount of time and work. How long does it take you to complete a piece in watercolors?

Oh, Yes, It take a lot of time. Usually I paint daily at night (I have time for art only at night u.u). One illustration take me from 5 to 20 hours, depending on the amount of detail.

*Do you use other traditional art materials and techniques besides watercolors?

Yes, I use fineliners, markers, pencils, indian ink, and sometimes I use coffee as a paint (effect is similar to watercolor + gorgeous smell for long time). I tried paint with acrylic paint but it wasnt for me. Sometimes I do illustration on digital way.

20161229 015553 by Doringota Midsummer Night by Doringota Still in form by Doringota

*Which artists from the history of art or from DeviantArt have you inspired a lot for your work?

I like a lot, a lot, a lot of artists! My favourites are: Yoshitaka Amano, Gabriel Moreno, and Mattias Adolfsson.
But my real inspiration isn't the visual art, but the music. Every time when I begin new illustration, I sit with cup of steaming coffee in my hand, I put my headphones, and listen the music. Then I start to draw.

*What do you like most about the Traditional Art gallery?

I'm a big fan of sketches.

Sketchbook: Vampires by Doringota

*Is there any advice you could give to learning artists?

If you want to do something (draw or paint), just do it, if it doesn't look like you expected, then do it again, and again... and again. (Still I learn, and I never had an art teacher, so hope that this method is working.)

THANK YOU Doringota !


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PaMonk Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Professional Artist
These so Pretty and Very Nice....Heart Heart  
GeorgeXVII Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017   Traditional Artist
Beautiful interview Pascua-Tanya , Doringota :clap:
TokyoMoonlight Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017   Traditional Artist
I was soooo looking forward to this interview!!! Squee Diane 
And someone like me...a no planner Day100 - Squealing 

Thank you Doringota  :love: 
LualaDy Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017   Traditional Artist
and there you have me
the person who spends more time imagining her piece than painting it =D
TokyoMoonlight Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017   Traditional Artist
Yes :nod:

There is the "planner" and the "no thinker" artist. Art is the only field in my life I don't plan...everything else is over-planned :B I admit my sin =D
LualaDy Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017   Traditional Artist
I don't plan my life =D
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